Hi, I'm Carrie

I have always had a hard time finding a great blow dryer. My hair always ended up damp like a Florida swamp or crispy like the Arizona desert. This led me and a loyal group of friends to test every hair dryer that we could get our hands on. This site  is the result of that journey. Let me know what you think!

How We Test


Our usability rating is an overview of weight, features, generally how easy the dryer is to use.

Heat Output

We look to determine how hot the dryer gets and how even and consistent the heat is.


Will it last? We look at the feel and build quality to determine if the dryer will last over time.


1500 watts, 1600 watts or 1875 watts? How much power does it have and how much power is best for your hair type. We let you know.


Does it have a cool shot? Does it have adjustable heat settings? We will let you know which features each blow dryer has.


Do you get what you pay for? We will help you identify the difference between a dryers that are cheap, expensive or a good value for their price.