Lorion X6000 Professional Hair Dryer
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Lorion X6000 Hair Dryer Review

Finding a new hair dryer can be an incredibly daunting task. The number of options available nowadays can make it seem like there’s no way to find exactly where to start. In the age of online shopping, it’s becoming less and less efficient to gauge how good a product is by simply looking at the online page for it. Doing research can help, but it is certainly no replacement for being able to try it hands-on at a store.

This is why we’re here to help—we’re testing out products for you, reviewing the latest and greatest beauty products and letting you know our thoughts. With this review, we hope that the next time you’re in the market for a new hairdryer, you’ll have all of the information you need to make a well-informed decision.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the Lorion X6000 Hair Dryer:

Since it first came out, the Lorion X6000 Hair Dryer has made a mark with its sleek design, tight features, and gorgeous presentation. It’s also become synonymous among beauty gurus with security and reliability—however, how true is this?

To verify its reputation, we’ve spent a few weeks with the X6000 and are here to tell you exactly what we think about it and why we give it a 4/5 star rating in our Lorion X6000 hair dryer review.

Before we go in-depth, here’s a list of pros and cons:


  • Infrared technology promoting hair growth
  • Ceramic exterior
  • 1,875 Watt motor
  • Includes diffuser and concentrator nozzles


  • Cord not that long
  • Could use more options for speed and warmth

Features Of The Lorion X6000

The X6000 is a hair dryer that claims to have it all—here is a list of the features that come with it:

It has an 1,875 Watt motor powering it, an indication of speed that is typically reserved for hair dryers in salons. This is because the larger the wattage is, the more warm air is pushed through, drying the hair quicker. For those who have trouble keeping their hair healthy, this means that you’ll have a higher chance of drying your hair effectively, subsequently not leaving it open to losing its color or thickness.

The light weight design is meant to give consumers the ability to dry their hair without having to worry about tiring out their hands in the process.

The ceramic outline of the hair dryer is important for it being able to push out warm air consistently, as this shell facilitates the pressure staying consistent. This means that the air will continually keep the hair warm and dry it faster.

With three heat options and two speed options, the X6000 is able to give you the variety to dry and take care of your hair in different ways, even allowing you to alternate options in-the-moment!

The X6000 also comes with multiple nozzles and a diffuser to make sure that you’re able to precisely dry your hair in the exact manner that you want to style it in!

Ease Of Use5
Heat Output4

Our Thoughts On The X6000

When using the X6000, we were immediately impressed by the lightweight nature of the device itself. Upon taking it out of the box, we could immediately sense that it was much more lightweight than other hair dryers that we were familiar with—subsequently, there were no problems with hands tiring after holding the hair dryer for a while, something that we believe is a testament to the portable nature of its weight.

The power of the motor in the X6000 is also particularly notable due to its flexibility and prowess as something typically associated with salons. Many consumer hair dryers don’t have the exact type of power that can imitate a salon-style blowout, but the X6000 does it pretty well. In fact, when using the product, we had to verify multiple times that it was indeed 1,875 Watts, as we frequently felt like it was more than that.

Ultimately, this is a great aspect of the product, as it makes your hair really shine efficiently. Though it might be hard to see point-blank, the far-infrared technology that is advertised in the product’s features is definitely effective as well. It’s rare that you’ll find a hair dryer that can so efficiently and thoroughly dry your hair in such a short period of time, an aspect of this product that centers our interactions with it.

An aspect that we weren’t so excited about, though, is the lack of settings—there are only three heat settings and two speed ones, making us feel like this was a missed opportunity with the X6000. Though that’s a forgivable offense when taking a closer look at consumer-grade electronics, the fact that the X6000 is such a powerful and also luxurious model makes us think that there could have been more. Just having three degrees of warm and fast/slow settings shouldn’t be enough for a truly professional hair dryer. Instead, you should be able to have an intense grasp on the nuance of the speed at which you dry your hair, something that people obsessed with the perfect blowout will pine over.

That being said, there are other ways that one can get the precision and nuance that they require with the X6000. For example, the diffuser that it comes with is very high-quality and allows you to hone in on areas that are more frizzy or difficult-to-separate than other parts of your hair. The two other concentrator nozzles that come with the X6000 also give unique additions to the ensemble: the first one acts like a brush, allowing you to coax and comb your hair while drying it, while the other takes on the form of a shower head-esque brush, letting you brush your hair from the top-down as opposed to through.

We thought these add-ons were a nice touch and gateway into letting people truly customize the way they take care of their hair, with both options allowing consumers to treat their hair any way they would like to.

One other aspect that we were disappointed with regarding the X6000 was the length of the cord it came with. Some of us found out that they would have to struggle to angle their heads to reach every part of their hair, something that can be a problem for people of certain heights. It should be noted that this naturally varies from bathroom-to-bathroom, as some have more accessible power outlets than others, but it is certainly better to have a longer cord than a shorter one, so we thought it was worth mentioning.

Despite our specific issues with the X6000, though, we want to state that this is a really compelling product. Out of all the products currently on the market aiming to give consumers the ability to dry their hair with efficiency, no hair dryer does it quite as effectively as the X6000. We were particularly impressed with how quick and thoroughly the X6000 is able to dry hair, leaving no stone unturned while also being able to provide a healthy glow to the overall volume.

How Does The X6000 Compare?

When looking at the X6000, it’s important to compare it to other popular products in the market to show how it holds up:

Lorion X6000 vs. Lorion X5000

Lorion X5000 Professional Hair Dryer

This iteration of the Lorion hair dryer is meant for those who are not as interested in the specifically thorough aspects of the X6000. For example, the motor only outputs at 1,600 Watts, much less than the 1,875 Watts of the X6000. There are the same amount of settings and overall the flow is relatively consistent, but we found that the power was enough to show that the X6000 is definitely a notch higher than the X5000. The X5000 is also more difficult to maintain and clean than the X6000, with the back end of the hairdryer, in particular, being difficult to keep track of and thoroughly take care of. Overall, though, this is still a good product, but definitely a more affordable and less intense version of the X6000. If you’ve never used a Lorion product before and want to try something out without committing to an expensive price, we recommend getting an X5000.

Lorion X6000 vs. BabylissPro Nano Titanium

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium

The BabylissPro Nano Titanium dryer offers a different price point alternative that is not made by Lorion. Those who are looking for an affordable and quick hair dryer, the BabylissPro Nano Titanium is for you. In some ways it actually outdoes the X6000—for example, the 2,000 Watt motor dries your hair rapidly quick and is able to give it a professional glow on par with the X6000. The only difference that we noticed was just that the Nano Titanium wasn’t good enough at keeping this speed balanced and consistent.

Though it advertises otherwise, we noticed faltering speeds throughout the time that we were using it. This may be less of a problem if you don’t need a consistent stream of warm air when you’re using this product, but for us, it became an issue quickly. Something that is great about this product, though, is the 6 different heat and speed settings as opposed to the 5 present on the X6000. If you’re looking for that extra kick of nuance in your hair dryer, then we recommend you look into the BabylissPro Nano Titanium.

Lorion X6000 vs. Conair Infiniti Pro

New Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer Review

Conair is a tricky product to compare to the X6000, as it’s almost like comparing apples and oranges. Conair serves a very specific purpose in the beauty community of offering extreme value for those looking for cheap options. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting a bargain on your hair dryer, though—it’s meant to be a lower-end model and this especially becomes obvious when it’s compared to more luxurious models. Though it boasts the same motor speed of 1,875 Watts, the Infiniti Pro’s quality is inherently lower than the X6000, evidenced by the lack of infrared technology and nuanced attachments that allow you to truly customize how you dry your hair.

Final Thoughts

Despite these issues we had with the X6000, we still enjoyed using it. Though the world of hair dryers is vast, we’re glad to have given the X6000 a shot because we wouldn’t have ever known that this product would hold so much that we desired in a proper hair dryer.

We took a look at the various pros and cons we highlighted at the beginning of this article, explaining our intentions and seeing what could be improved. However, whether it’s the salon-quality motor speed, the thoroughness and consistent passage of warm air, or the many different options to customize your blowout, we just love it.

Though we wish there were more options available in terms of speed and warmth, there’s no denying that what the X6000 does, it does well. We think if you’re somebody who is looking for a premium hair dryer to begin styling your hair with nuance, the X6000 is a good option that gives you the creativity and freedom without sacrificing the importance of keeping your hair healthy. We hope you’ve enjoyed our Lorion X6000 hair dryer review and keep it in mind the next time you’re in the market for a new hair dryer!

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